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The history of Longman Optical

Longman Optical has been an industry leader for many years. We were originally part of the University Of Tasmania which started operations in the 1940’s. Many thousand of optics were produced for the Australian and British Army. Science, technology and technical skill combined to produce prisms for sights and other military equipment which were unobtainable anywhere else. Our Tasmanian company were recognised around the world for our excellence in fabricating optical components. 

After the second world war, Ian Longman owned and produced optics to his retirement in 1989. Ian Mansfield was trained under Ian Longman and now owns and runs Longman Optical. He has been in the optical business for 40 years.

Longman optical runs an in-house optical manufacturing shop and can produce many precision optical components. With our OEM contacts and suppliers we can produce almost any optical capability you require which range from optical components, coatings, and repairs.

Our mission is to provide our customers with the best service and value in the industry. We combine fast and inexpensive prototyping, with our extensive manufacturing facilities, to bring the three most valued assets that every company desires in a supplier.

Longman Optical specialise in optical assemblies or individual lenses (aspherical, cylindrical or spherical), as well as beam splitters, mirrors, prisms, reflectors and ball lenses. We can also supply sophisticated optical coatings. We are able to offer all glass types from the major glass manufacturers Schott, Hoya and Ohara as well as sourcing many well known Chinese manufacturers.

Because our manufacturing facility is extremely flexible we are just as happy to produce 10 pieces as we are to produce 10000. Enquiries for prototypes are welcome. Please contact us for any of your optical needs.

Our product range

Longman Optical is a manufacturer and supplier of high quality optical components. We manufacture windows, lenses, prisms and specialist optics as both standard products and to the designs of our customers. Our products are used in a wide variety of Ultraviolet,Visible and Infrared optical systems by an equally wide variety of customers all over the world.

Leading Australian Manufacturer

We have established a reputation as a leader in Australia manufacturing windows, lenses, prisms, and custom optical components in a broad range of materials including Quartz, Calcium Fluoride, Magnesium Fluoride, Barium Fluoride, Zinc Selenide, Zinc Sulfide, Germanium and many more exotic materials too.

Optical Products for Industry, Science & Technology

We also manufacture high quality optics for a wide variety of scientific and industrial applications.

Looking for a prototype builder that fits your custom optics needs? Call Longman Optical, we specialise in quick-turn, short-run custom optics work. We have cnc capability and can make custom optics quickly. We stock mirrors, windows, prisms and can deliver products fast.

Our extensive track record includes lenses, windows, mirrors, prisms, large achromats and specialty optics – with an emphasis on fused silica and flat optics (we also maintain an impressive inventory of glasses including Bk-7, B270, fused silica, zerodur, and other Schott and Ohara glasses as well as Chinese.

Our complete in-house capability – design, fabrication, coating, grinding and polishing – makes us ideally suited for anything from low-volume runs to prototype custom optical work.

Image showing a prism , Longman optical Australia
Image showing customised windows

Our Optical Collection

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